In 1965 the factory in the city of Varna has been set up with DSP “Teksim” as investor. With the official opening on 6th of October 1966 has been bought the license for producing the Coca-Cola and Orangeade soft drink. In 1976 has been done a reconstruction of great dimension and modernization of the existing producing capacities at the same time with the taking of the copyrights for production for the soft drinks: Schweppes – Orange, Bitter lemon, Pine apple, Grapefruit, Tangerine and Tonic.
Fifteen years later, in 1991 the factory has obtained and license for producing the Pepsi products.
In all its long history, the factory has been developing and approving itself as a modern engineer solution and at the same time satisfying and the most refined tastes of its customers. This state is corroborating with the awards and authoritative prizes as:
  • First place for quality in 1984 at London.
  • Award for quality and high sales of the products of the company Schweppes, which is gifting the factory one of the oldest bottles manufactured in XIX century.